Saturday, April 25, 2009

We are really leaving....

Tuesday morning (January 27th) we boarded a plane at the Salt Lake airport, bound for Rio de Janeiro Brasil by way of Atlanta Georgia. Brasil was in the air, so to speak-- in Salt Lake we met a sister missionary bound for the CTM (the MTC in Sao Paulo), in Atlanta we met a Brazillian family who were members and a young returned missionary sister who was also going to Brasil for a visit. Dad talked to the family and I talked to the young sister for a couple of hours. When we boarded the (huuuuuuuge) plane for Rio we sat with a young businessman from São Paulo named Cassio, who was gracious enough to let Dad practice his Portuguese on him. It was a long flight, and when we finally arrived on Wednesday morning we couldn't believe that a mere 24 hours could take us

from this...

...and this...

to this...

...and this...!

(It was actually about 40 degrees in both places!)

The miracle had really happened. We were on our mission
for the Lord in Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.


  1. Welcome to the blog world. We were like you we thought the word was something out of psyfi.
    We so enjoy Jeff at church. You have a fine young man.

    Elder Woodbury

  2. The pictures of Rio are beautiful, I hope the headaches don't plague Dennis there as well.

    Those planes are huge, aren't they? I took one to Guam years ago. You fold up the armrests in the center section and can stretch out to sleep.

  3. I am so happy for you both. Especially excited about this blog. It makes me feel close to you and vice versa!! I love you and miss you and everything inbetween.