Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking back...

Sunday we went to church at Ala Botofogo. It was fun to listen to Dad remembering his missionary days. He says there used to be a Sears store on this corner.

Dad spent a lot of hours on these two streets 40 years ago.

The missionary returns!

It was wonderful to watch Dad navigate the streets and remember everything. It was fascinating to know where he lived (just below the favella). It was amazing to see the growth of the church in that area, to see a ward full of priesthood leaders, with so many families.

Forty years ago the members met in someone's house, and now they meet in their own chapel. It is the biggest ward by far we have seen in the mission.

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  1. Yay Mom for posting! I am so happy that Dad was able to return to one of his areas and see the growth there. You two are awesome! We love you!