Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looking back... January 28 to February 2

After a bem vindo lunch at the Galleria Gourmet, Presidente Bezerra, Sister Bezerra, and the assistants dropped us off at the chic but expensive Hotel Entremares, where we stayed until we found a place to live.

I found these pictures on their internet site. The bedroom is pretty much a duplicate of the one we had.

This picture can't begin to give you an idea of the wonderful free breakfasts. We ate the most delicious fresh fruits -- pineapple, mango, watermelon... with tiny fresh french bread sandwiches and fresh orange juice every morning-- not a waffle or scrambled egg in sight.

The hotel was perfect for the R&R we needed
after a long day of training at the office. Dad would turn the air conditioner on high, and we would read and visit and prepare for the next day.

Meanwhile, negotiations were going on for the rental of the apartment we found, thanks to Elder Brayner and Elder Hill!

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